The Political Networks Standing Group aims to provide a multidisciplinary space of convergence for scholars that, while holding diverse research interests, share an analytic approach to network processes in political life, coupled with a strong attention to the integration of theory and empirical data. Political networks are here conceived of in a broad sense – as defined around political actors (individuals, organizations and/or institutions), events that are relevant to the political biographies of individuals as well as around the use of digital communication technologies within political dynamics. Thus, ties can consist of exchanges of resources, information, and symbols, as well as of collaborations and communications that may occur both on- and offline.

Membership in the Standing Group is free and can be cancelled at any moment. If you are interested in joing the Standing Group, proceed in following steps:

0) If you do not have an ECPR account, create it here.

1) Log into your ECPR account here.

2) Under the My ECPR drop down menu choose My Groups

3) Find Political Networks, click on Details and then Join


In case you want to join the Standing Group’s mailing list that serves as a forum for communication, networking, and discussion, let us know via email.

For any inquiry you may have, feel free to contact the Communication Committee for further information.


Political Networks ECPR Standing group
Mailing list: politicalnetsecpr@googlegroups.com
Twitter: @politicalnets
Communication Committee: politicalnets.ecpr@gmail.com




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