A list of interesting workshops and schools for Social Network Analysis

The Standing Group on Political Networks is aimed at pushing forward the application of network perspectives and tools to enhance our understanding of a broad range of political dynamics characterizing contemporary societies – from social movements to individual political behaviors to the use of ICTs as a tool for democratic participation. 

in this spirit, the Group encourages students and researchers participation to the following events centered on SNA procedures and techniques:

University of Kentucky, Links Centre


University  of Manchester, Mitchell Centre


University of Greenwich Business School


ECPR/ University of Lubljiana


Berlin Summer School (general courses on RD)


Furthermore, a set of interesting events will take place over the next Sunbelt Conference, organized by the International Network for Social Network Analysis in Brighton, June 22-28.

Among the dozens of short workshops at the INSNA sunbelt conference I recommend:

Game theory & networks/ Buskens

Advanced RSiena/ Snijders

Mixed Methods Research/ Hollstein

The positional analysis/ Brandes

Modelling relational event dynamics/ Butts

Dynamic analysis with ORA/ Carley

Advanced SNA with UCINET/ Borgatti

SNA Behavioural Change/ Valente

Visualising SNA/ Pfeffer

Text based semantic nets/ Diesner

More info on Sunbelt’s workshops and panels can be found here.


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