Seminar on Collective Action Networks between Online and Offline Interactions

The ECPR Standing Group on Political Networks sponsors the realization of the seminar

“Collective Action Networks between Online and Offline Interactions – Researching social movements, coalitions and governance in the digital age”.

The seminar is the final event of the project REACtION, led by Dr. Elena Pavan of the PolNet SG, and will take place at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento on March 17th, 2015.

The seminar will feature the following talks:

The REACtION Project. A Continuos Learning Experience – Elena Pavan, Università di Trento. Discussant: Stefania Milan, University of Amsterdam

Organizational networks in the field of immigration – Nina Eggert, University of Antwerp; Katia Pilati, Università di Trento

Spillover as Movement Agenda Setting: How Movement Issues Spillover Online – Jennifer Earl, University of Arizona

The Discursive Power of Online Networks. Background to a Global Alliance for Media and Gender – Claudia Padovani, Università di Padova

Extreme Right Movements and on line Politics in current Democracies – Manuela Caiani, Institute for Advanced Studies

Prof. Mario Diani, from the University of Trento and the PolNet SG, will open the seminar activities.

More details on the talks and the schedule of the day are available in this file

For any further information, please contact Elena Pavan


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